Downhill skiing children from 3 to 14 yrs

3 yrs old
I'm enrolling at Piou Piou Club to learn to ski, snowshoe and sledgePiou-Piou
4-5 yrs oldI've never skiedSiflotte
 I'm starting to snowplough turn on very gentle slopes ourson Ourson
6-14 yrs old
I've never skied or I've already got my oursonFlocon
 I can do snowplough turns on blue runs
I can take the button lift
1st star
 I can do linked sliding parallel turns on blue runs2nd star
 I can ski parallel on blue and red runs 3rd star
 I can link marked turns on red runsEtoile de Bronze
  I'm perfecting my technique I can race timed mini-giant slalomsEtoile d'Or
 I'm making final adjustments to my technique I can ski any slopeCompetition
(all students aged 3 - 14 yrs may use the Piou Piou Club)

Downhill skiing adults from 15 yrs

I've never worn a pair of skisClass beginner
 from 15 yrs old
I can snowplough turn down a blue runClass 1
 I finish my turns with my skis parallel on blue and red runsClass 2
 I ski parallel and can side-slip down anythingClass 3
 I can ski any slopeClass 4

Snowboarding - Children (8-14yrs) Snowboarding - Adults (15yrs +)

 I've never been on a snowboardsnowboard beginner
 I can get up, slide, turn on blue runs and use a ski liftsnowboard 1
 I can link short bends and turns on blue and red runs. I can do a few tricks on the flat
snowboard 2
 I can link short turns with huge arcs in varied conditions on red and black runssnowboard 3